Quarry & Landfill

Having a quarry & landfill within supply group improves our capability it is advantageous to have access to a quarry within our supply group & a landfill facility, this enables us to optimize our aggregate utilization, minimize downtime, & streamline material transportation.

We benefit from having a quarry within their supply group. This grants us direct unobstructed access to a reliable source of aggregates, such as gravels, sand, or crushed stone, which are essential materials for road construction and maintenance. By having control over the quarry, we can ensure a consistent supply of aggregates, reducing reliance on external sources and potential disruptions. This not only enhances project efficiency but also provides the flexibility to meet varying project demands promptly.

Utilizing aggregates of high and consistent quality is vital for constructing durable and long-lasting roads. We have greater control over the quality of the aggregates they use. They can implement stringent testing and validation processes to ensure that the aggregates meet the required specifications and standards. Independent testing further validates the quality, giving clients confidence in the reliability and performance of the materials used in their projects. All required material testing is completed on aggregates including density testing, curve testing, crushing and weathering testing.

With access to both the quarry & the landfill facility, we can optimize the utilization of our plant and machinery. We can efficiently plan and schedule operations, ensuring that the equipment is utilized to its full potential. This reduces downtime and maximizes productivity, ultimately leading to more cost-effective project execution. The ability to backload material with minimal downtime or travel time further enhances operational efficiency and resource utilization. With this approach we can ensure that we can provide our client base with the best products and best pricing.