Within the wide array of projects awarded, we are often tasked with undertaking drainage activities. This is often a supplementary service we offer and run in consolidation of our earthworks and utility services. With an in-house capability for drainage work and strong sub contractor relationships we have built a strong track record in handling various types of projects, including private contracts, development projects, or bespoke design build projects  with our ability to adapt to site conditions are requirements.

We are equipped to handle a wide range of pipe sizes, ranging from 100mm to 1200mm. This versatility allows us to accommodate our clients with different project requirements and effectively manage water flow and drainage systems. Our expertise extends to the installation of essential components such as manholes, mud tanks, and street scape features. These elements are vital for ensuring effective drainage and proper management of storm water and wastewater.

With ongoing environmental and drainage innovations we have expanded our drainage capability by utilizing treatment devices for enhanced drainage solutions. This includes the installation and implementation of devices such as the Triton Arch, 360, Downstream Defender, and Rain Smart devices. These advanced treatment devices help mitigate the impact of storm water runoff by removing pollutants and contaminants, improving water quality, and promoting sustainable drainage practices.

We are also familiar with wastewater management and the installation of various systems such as septic units, dripper fields, and pump stations. This can vary from underground chambers used for the treatment and disposal of household or commercial wastewater or dripper fields, or absorption fields. These are an essential component of septic systems. They consist of a network of perforated pipes or chambers installed underground, through which the effluent from septic tanks is distributed.

Overall we are proficient in a broad range of drainage activities and have the capability to incorporate this as a supplementary infrastructure service.