Major Earthworks

Major Earthworks

Over the years we have proven and demonstrated our versatility and expertise in the field of land development across the Wanaka region.

We have ensured that we have made ongoing investments into technology, software and general technological improvements. By doing this it has facilitated and improved as much as the earthworks operations as possible. We have ongoing investments with new Trimble GPS systems this ensures that we enhance our efficiency, accuracy and productivity of works and can eliminate the requirement for rework and ensure that material and grade controls are a priority of how we operate.

Undertaking large land developments and town subdivisions showcases our capacity for comprehensive planning and execution. These projects involve transforming large tracts of land into fully functional communities with residential, commercial, and recreational components. From designing road networks and utilities to creating parks and community spaces, our expertise in large-scale development

We also development of high-end lifestyle lots and dwellings to reflect our ability to cater to the demand for upscale residential areas. These projects involve creating exclusive communities with attractive amenities and carefully designed properties. By combining aesthetic appeal with functionality, this contributes to the region's luxury real estate market and provide desirable living spaces.

Moving on to rural farm lots, we have been involved with dividing larger agricultural lands into smaller parcels suitable for residential or agricultural purposes or simply just expanding and providing functional and accessible land use areas. This type of work often requires working closely with landowners to optimize land usage and ensure productivity of the land.

We pride ourselves on our ability to  visualize our clients end goal and achieve this with the most efficient use of selected plant and machinery and utilization of methodologies to suit the client and land use needs.