We possess in house capability and expertise in undertaking the full roading installation process, this encompasses several key areas, enabling us to continually deliver high-quality results.

Subgrade preparation, we understand the necessary knowledge and resources to prepare the subgrade effectively. This involves conducting thorough soil analysis and testing to determine the soil's properties, including its load-bearing capacity, moisture content, and compaction characteristics. Based on these findings, we can implement appropriate techniques to optimize the subgrade's stability, drainage, and overall performance. This is the baseline foundation of the road pavement this is a critical element to get correct.
Base Course Preparation: Building upon the well-prepared subgrade, we excel in executing comprehensive base course preparation. We have the expertise to choose suitable materials and employ the correct techniques for constructing a strong and durable sub base. Whether it's a metal, sealed, or concrete road we ensure that the base course meets the specific requirements of the project, providing a solid foundation for the road surface to achieve the desired engineering outcomes.

Road Surface Construction: With the correct methodology of handling different road surface types, including metal, sealed, or concrete, we are familiar with the intricacies of constructing each variant. We understand the specific materials, methods, and equipment necessary for each road type. Whether it's laying down gravel and compacting it for a metal road, applying asphalt or bitumen for a sealed road, or utilizing concrete for a more robust surface, we have the expertise to carry out the installation with precision and efficiency to ensure a suitable lifespan and quality finished product.

Aftercare and maintenance: Roads are exposed to various environmental factors and traffic loads which inevitably will  have wear and tear over time. Surface maintenance involves addressing issues such as cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement surfaces. We have the in-house capability to assist with repairs and maintenance to roading assets or simply redress or stabilize surfaces

With ongoing compliance and testing requirements we are engaged with the QLDC Density and Testing Requirements. Our team is well-acquainted with the density and testing requirements set by the QLDC or any other relevant authority. This knowledge ensures that the road construction process adheres to the necessary quality standards and regulations. The team is experienced in conducting various tests, such as compaction tests, asphalt density tests, and concrete strength tests, to verify that the installed road or driveway meets the specified parameters and complies with the guidelines provided by the regulatory body.