Water & Utility Services

Water & Utility Services

In addition to our expertise in earthworks and drainage, we have recognized the importance of utilities in completing fully functional developments. Our understanding of water and utility services is an essential component of any construction project, our team is familiar in the requirements set by council and network providers for excavation and installation of these services including testing and verification futureproofing the life span of assets.

Being an approved QLDC (Queenstown Lakes District Council) three waters contractor further validates our company's capabilities and commitment to excellence. This approval signifies that our team has undergone the necessary certifications, training, and assessments to meet the specific standards set by the council for the provision of water, wastewater, and storm water services. By holding this approval, this demonstrate our dedication to delivering high-quality work and upholding the highest industry standards in the field of utilities.

We are focused on safe operating networks and hazard analysis when installing these systems and the impact that failure to follow correct process and procedure may cause.  We have the in house capability to supply and install, a variety of water infrastructure assets including, water mains, valves, hydrants, pressure reduction valves, meters, and water pump stations. We have the capability to undertake electrofusion (EF) welding, Butt welding and conventional compression jointing methods. We are also able to install a broad spectrum of utility service mains and control boxes.

Overall we possess the skill set to ensure that supplementary services can be installed correctly and compliantly to ensure that projects can be completed on time and function correctly following our exit.